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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Strange E-Mail about Dogs in China

I just received this E-Mail and it's the first time with Childbook in ten years of running it I have ever received anything like this. I guess I am just lucky. It's interesting about what it says about some people's perception of China and, I cringe/hate to use the word, but it's Racist.

At 11:26 PM 3/7/2008
Hey; Your a sick f***! The Chinese torture and skin our cats and dogs and eat them alive. Do the research buddy!! "The way of society and how it treats its animals speaks to the core values and morals of its citizens." I;ll tell everyone about this site!! Get out of the USA -

My position on Dogs.
The person obviously does not know me. My family is a dog family. My Golden Retriever of 17 years recently passed away and that's probably why I am spending more time than I should on this E-Mail. My grandfather received many awards with his dogs and in fact died when he had a heart attack on a field trial with his dogs. My Aunt is heavily involved with Chinchilla rescues and is the family dog expert. If you live in the Bay area and want to adopt a Chinchilla, please visit http://www.cachins.org/

My Ancestry
Get out of the US to where? Parts of my family since the Gold Rush. And some of my ancestors have been in the US since before the revolution. My mother has mentioned from time to time about working on becoming a member of the daughter's of the American Revolution. This part of my family were Scot/Irish tenant farmers who gradually moved out West till they ran into the Ocean and could not go further, so they stayed in California. Another part of the family supposedly has some Indian blood in it (big family debate on this - somebody someday is going to do a DNA test and find out the truth). I am married to a person born in Taiwan, who is ethnic Chinese. So my daughter is half and half. Reminds me of a book Half And Half by Lensey Namioka about a half Scottish and Chinese Girl. My daughter wanted to respond to the E-Mail, but I told her no.

China and Dogs
Yes, some people eat Dog in China, Vietnam, and Korea. Dogs are also becoming pets in China and they are starting to have a stray animal problem. Contaminated Pet Food due to a supplier in China killed many pets in the US. I have no idea what this has to do with me. With my love of dogs, I find it repugnant people eating dogs. I was brought up as a meat and potatoes person, and I have branched out to where now I eat a little fish and shrimp (advernturesome for my family). I also eat since I married my wife a lot of Chinese food as long as I can figure out what it is I am eating - I still have memories of somebody and her cousins trying to trick me to eat frog legs in Taiwan.


I have no idea what this E-Mail has to do with my site besides I do sell products that teach Chinese and about the Chinese Culture. China has positives and negatives, but I try to keep my blog and store politically neutral (which is why I did not write about Panda Baiting in Taiwan). My goal is giving the best customer experience possible. I hope it's another 10 years till I get another E-Mail like this.

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