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Sunday, April 13, 2008

China's Youth

Oped from the NY Times on China's Youth and what they think. Very insightful in places. I agree with the conclusion, but I have some disagrements with the underlying logic.

The conclusion which I find insightful:

Barring major changes in China’s education system or economy, Westerners are not going to find allies among the vast majority of Chinese on key issues like Tibet, Darfur and the environment for some time. If the debate over Tibet turns this summer’s contests in Beijing into the Human Rights Games, as seems inevitable, Western ticket-holders expecting to find Chinese angry at their government will instead find Chinese angry at them.

The differences in logic I will stay away from mostly, since I don't want to get involved in politics on this blog. One area the author did not mention was the Great Firewall of China (limiting outside points of view) and the huge army of people who monitor blogs and such within China to make sure they express the correct thoughts (further limiting other view points and serving as a feedback mechanism on what is safe to publish. There is a huge amount of blogs in China).



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