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Friday, April 11, 2008

Update of Learning Chinese Video/DVD Page

DVD's - Learning Chinese & Culture web page/section updated. The reason was when I added two more sections, Animated Chinese Books (I need to add the word DVD to this, or something. Because it's not a book, but a series of DVD's based on a some great books) and Discovery Planet Mandarin/English DVD's. I may need to add a click here for more information based on a call I got today to each sub-page. The Discovery Planet Mandarin/English DVD's look great and there are 52 of them. They are in English and Chinese.

The previous page DVD's - Learning Chinese & Culture had the links at the top, where now I added a picture/thumbnail and a few bullet points on the sub-page. This newer set up better shows the huge selection of DVD' and VCD's (Video Compact Disks). The VCD's are a great deal since I want to just sell them and go to all DVD's, some of them are as low as $4.99.

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