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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Roots of Chinese Nationalism

The Roots of Chinese Nationalism - insightful article from the Wall Street Journal.

Western and Japanese advertisers have angered Chinese consumers by appearing to be disrespectful of them. An example YouTube - Lebron James Nike Ad Banned in China.

And now the Chinese society is actually influencing the decisions of the government due to the widespread ability to communicate in China through Cell Phones and the Internet. So the government is watching public opinion in some areas and changing their decisions. Or taking action if they feel a group is being to inflammatory on certain subjects. It's a challenging tight rope the government is walking, where they want external groups to focus their frustration (scapegoat) showing how China's government is acting correctly , while not letting it go to far that it interferes with trade and external relations. The Olympics is an excellent example of how China's government is trying to balance between internal and external audiences, while putting forward China's best face. This is very challenging because some groups have grievances with China and are organizing protests to highlight these issues. In the US the actions at the Pasadena
were just the start of this.



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