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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Childbook Chinese System Comparison

Finished today adding in Chinese Made Easy and Kuaile Hanyu (Happy Chinese) Learning Chinese Systems that include software, flashcards, textbooks, cd's, simplified, traditional, and workbooks. This is in addition to Practical Chinese - Effective way to learn Chinese.

The challenge is they all don't have the same features. So as a person wanting to figure out the right system to buy, what should you do? I look at other web sites and I just see a long list of items. That's useless. So what I did was put together a table and added a lot more categories to make this somehow meaningful. Of course this got finished after the weekly newsletter went out this morning ;-) I did finish one for textbooks that did get in.

My work of art - Learning Chinese Systems Comparison. I plan on doing more of these type of comparisons to help people figure out the right products to buy. The goal is to make the shopping process as easy as possible.

Feedback is appreciated on this work of art. For example what you would like to see added to it.

It was nice that somebody ordered flashcards for Kuaile Hanyu (Happy Chinese) that had just been added this morning! Thanks, it made my day!



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