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Monday, May 26, 2008

China's Mood with Foreigners

The Positive View
Outpouring of Help Shifts Mood in China - washingtonpost.com

I was very worried about the mood in China after coverage of Tibet in the western media and the Olympic Torch demonstrations.
Fortunately aid from outside China has helped calmed down the nationalism per the Washington Post article that I was finding worrisome. There is still a bit of it, for example comparing WalMart's contribution to the Sichuan earthquake to Katrina (next state over from Arkansa).

The Negative View:
The Wall Street Journal has the opposite conclusion Donations Pour In, but Resentment Arises.

There is probably both. I would not be surprised if the Chinese government also cooled down protests against donations (they do read the papers). This is a benefit when you have a huge amount of people manning the great firewall of China, and checking out blogs published internally.

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