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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Design of ChildBook (Navigation)

A good friend of mine sent me an E-Mail about her frustration with navigation on ChildBook. I have known her husband since middle school. He also taught me how to do the Rubix Cube, that has now come back into fashion and was President of a Rubix Cube club in High School (he had a solve time of under 30 seconds if I remember right).

Soon there will be some more changes on ChildBook.com on the layout making it easier to find the right items. Life is easier when you have fewer items, but with over 1000 items and a lot of categories, the navigation needs to be tweaked to make it as easy as possible for customers to quickly find the right products. I believe the changes I did in the books for Learning the Chinese Language and Culture are good, as well as the Learning Chinese & Culture DVD's. The Chinese Culture area needs help, since it's duplicated in sub-categories under DVD's and Books, and keeping everything synchronized manually is hit and miss.



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