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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Earthquake in CA - Biggest Issue - Phones Jammed

My wife tried to call me and managed to leave a voice mail on my cell phone. And after about 5 attempts I finally managed to retrieve that. No damage, some CD's fell off a shelf. My home is fine.
Article about the phone issue - Post-quake callers put strain on 'maxed out' phone system, state says

Since I am a Ca native, my earliest memory of one is the Sylmar quake of 73. Later ones included Northridge (my parents house had a broken water line on a sink, which flooded the upstairs) and Whittier (few more cracks in their house). This one was closer, being centered about 8 miles from my house in Chino Hills. Since the building code is designed for earthquakes in CA, and keeps on improving, even a 5.6 only does minor damage.



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