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Friday, July 4, 2008

Firecrackers - How Legal? Chinese New Year

Firecrackers are an integral part of Chinese New Year, and in our area you hear a lot of them on the 4th of July. I don't believe for individuals you can legally buy them legally. I assume businesses can buy them. NY had some issues a while ago with firecrackers for Chinese New Year. A book about the art of firecrackers when they used to be legal in the US, now it seems to vary by area. And in California it seems to require some type of licensing for Chinese New Year to get them legally. Of course a lot of people do manage to get them off the books. Or buy them on an Indian reservation or in another state.

The negative is firecrackers can terrify animals, this used to happen with my dogs and I had to stay home with them every 4th of July to keep them calm. One time they almost clawed through a door while we were out, they were that scared. I had a neighbor show set off so many firecrackers the area was thick with smoke, not to mention the state of my dogs.

And from a parents viewpoints, this is a bit scary: Parents are Liable for Fireworks Damage Caused by Their Children



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