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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Volunteers at my High School - why mostly White?

My daughter's High School has a parents Booster Club that runs a Bingo and brings in about $200K a year for the school. The challenge is most of the members are White, yet most of the school is Asian (Chinese)? Not sure the why of this.

On a positive note, my suggestion for a bit of automation was done for the Bingo for a game called Bonanza, now the numbers only need to be entered one time. When I was a caller I noticed the numbers were entered at the beginning, and then when the game was played. But I heard other Bingo's did not do this, so I looked at the manual and figured out with some programming we could also have this ability. So I suggested and finally our bingo vendor sent somebody to do this - I know how to program, but like the idea of having somebody do in 5 minutes what would take me 2 hours tgo do



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