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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ancient Chinese Stories

Some Ancient Chinese Stories I would recommend for reading:

The Magic Brocade - Cute story of an ancient Chinese legend, beautiful pictures! Bilingual in excellent Chinese and English

Lady White Snake - 800 year old Chinese Folktale, the book is just wonderful. Excellent background pages in the back all about the legend and Chinese opera. Highly recommended for learning about the Chinese Culture and especially for use in the class room. There is also a DVD of Lady White Snake available.

The Great Voyage of Zheng He, Bilingual Book -discovered America before Christopher Columbus.

Story of Chinese Zodiac, Hardcover Book - Cute book, also available in softcover and DVD.

Ancient China - DK Eyewitness Books. English. Hardcover. - Good book about Ancient China.

The Ch'I-Lin Purse : A Collection of Ancient Chinese Stories by Linda Fang - Great book in English with lots of ancient Chinese Stories and a lot of fun to read. Stories are short. Also available in hard cover, The Ch'I-Lin Purse : A Collection of Ancient Chinese Stories.

Cloud Weavers: Ancient Chinese Legends - 23 legends and myths from ancient China, the stories are a great read.



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