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Monday, November 24, 2008

Marketing Consulting

On the side I also do some Marketing Consulting. I know, with what free time? It's a for company that is distributing projector screens in the US, that are made in China. So there is a Chinese connection to this! What I have learned about Chinese culture helps a lot in working with them. I think they were in a bit of shock after I went through their initial catalog with a red pen (10 years as an Engineer with lots of usage of red ink on blue prints builds bad habits). I am surprised at what a big market their is for projector screens and how many people are competing in this market. Projector screens are a lot more high tech than I thought with the coatings and fabrics, viewing angles, and such. My job is to make all this stuff make sense, in other translate the science type into what regular people can understand. Of course I need to understand it first, which is coming along.

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