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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Principal Called - No School tomorrow!

A Calvin and Hobbes cartoon has Calvin looking out at the falling snow and hoping it's enough to close down the schools. Today, my daughter was hoping the fire/smoke was enough to close down her school, and she got her wish. When we got home there was a recorded message from her Principal that there was no school tomorrow.

This is being caused by the triangle complex fires that is burning in Diamond Bar, Yorba Linda, and Brea. Air quality is bad. One of the local freeways has been closed off and on that has made traffic locally a big headache and caused me to miss a speaker in Pasadena, when I started to go out the roads were the worst I have ever seen them because of the freeway detours. And this was only a couple of blocks from my home!

My daughter was supposed to have a performance tonight, a fundraiser, and we stopped by her school that is a emergency shelter. Sad to see all the people there with their pets. There was one boy playing with his Golden Retriever with a big smile and a wagging tail...

I think we are getting another dog soon because of that one image, especially the wagging tail. Since I live with my in-laws (who are in Taiwan), there are some political issues, in my opinion based on my experience, that need to get resolved. My thought has been let my Mother-in-law pick out the dog and it eliminates all political issues. I could write a lot about our great Akita hunt and how long that took . My brother-in-law finally saw one at a pet store, yes a pet store, and yes, I know about Puppy Mills, my Grandfather showed his Goldens and my Aunt is into a rescue society, and fell in love with it. Beautiful dog, but had health issues unfortunately (became blind at an early age). Currently we have no dogs. A friends dog is also putting pressure on me also, my daughter mentions after every time we visit them.



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