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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama and China - Ponderings

With Barack Obama elected President, what does this portend for US China relations?

What is known:

1. His sister, Maya Ng-Soetoro, married an ethnic Chinese from Canada. His sister is a teacher and has a PhD in education. I view this as tremendously positive for helping in the education area, such as fixing NCLB!

2. One of his half brothers is living in China, Mark Ndesandjo and I understand fluent in Chinese.

3. China has found it easier to deal with Replicans than Democratic Presidents historically. Chinese attempt to dampen support for Barack Obama - Telegraph

4. During the campaign a quote on China from Mr. Obama:

China is a competitor but not an enemy

Q: Given China's size, its muscular manufacturing capabilities, its military buildup, at this point--and also including its large trade deficit--at this point, who has more leverage, China or the U.S.?

A: Number one is we've got to get our own fiscal house in order. Number two, when I was visiting Africa, I was told by a group of businessmen that the presence of China is only exceeded by the absence of America in the entire African continent. Number three, we have to be tougher negotiators with China. They are not enemies, but they are competitors of ours. Right now the United States is still the dominant superpower in the world. But the next president can't be thinking about today; he or she also has to be thinking about 10 years from now, 20 years from now, 50 years from now.

Source: 2007 Des Moines Register Democratic debate Dec 13, 2007

5. Mr. Obama supports the current one China policy.



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