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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chinese New Year Spectactular - Bought the Tickets

I bought the tickets for the Chinese New Year Spectacular for my family today. I was in Costco, minding my own business buying a few items for gifts, and they still had the booth for Chinese New Year Spectacular. And the Senior person remembered me as I quickly tried to walk on by and they had a deal, and I am a sucker for a deal, so after a few feeble protests I agreed to buy the tickets. My daughter really wanted to go.

My Mother had offered to buy the tickets as a Xmas Present, or a DVD Series on Chinese History, and I had chosen the DVD Series. I decided I wanted the DVD's more since I never formally learned about Chinese History, my knowledge is through self study and I am pretty good from the Opium Wars to modern times but all the dynasties I am pretty weak on.



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