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Friday, March 20, 2009

Another useful iPhone Application - Currency Converter

I just downloaded another iPhone application - it was just so useful!

It's a currency converter, so when I am at a supplier, I can check what the original price is in US dollars and compare that to the wholesale price. I am using a free application called Currency (rated 3 of 5 with 3200+ reviews), but there are others that are rated higher, but cost. Some of them even allow currency conversion off line, and to put in your own conversion amounts.

As a traveling companion unless you jail break your phone, international rates get pretty expensive. AT&T has some special plan available if you are traveling internationally, but still not cheap. It's easy to get BW charges on your iPhone overseas, unless you change some of the settings or put it in air plane mode. This is true any US cell phone, if you for example turn on your triband US phone overseas, and a friend calls you and you pick up, you get charged at the international rate. If your phone is turned on and it goes to voicemail while the phone is overseas, I believe you also get charged. And some phone plans do not need specific authorization to be used overseas.



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