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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

iPhone in China in May?

From MacRumours and if true, probably to coincides with the next iPhone version release.

My plan is when the next iPhone comes out is to get my wife an iPhone on our contract, currently I have an iPhone and my wife is on a month to month contract. This way we should be able to get subsidized iPhone for $199 or may be $99 if the rumours are correct on a price drop. Yes, I enjoy my iPhone a lot.

My guesses on the next version iPhone (version 3):

1. New processor - multi core, video...
2. New 3G chip doubles battery life.
3. Higher resolution camera - 5 Megapixel minimum
4. Video
5. Copy and Paste
6. Hard Drive version
7. More memory
8. Flash - so now you could view analytics while waiting!
9. Lower price point - doubt it.
10. Turn by turn GPS - probably will be a subscription someday for $10/month and would probably need a base unit that has external speakers.



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