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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Asian Population in California Demographics

The State of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific
Islander Health in California Report
has some fascinating statistics.

By County:
Los Angeles is 13.8% or 1.37 Million are Asian and Pacific Islander
Santa Clara is 35.1%
San Francisco is 35.3%
Alameda is 26%
Orange County 17.1%

  • 67% of Foreign Born Chinese becoming US Citizens
  • 43% of the Chinese have limited English proficiency.
  • Education - 51% of Chinese have a BS or higher. For Whites, it's 37% and Latinos 9%.
  • Very high rate of cervical Cancer, 29% for Chinese, vs. 14% for Whites.
  • Only 2% of Chinese women smoke - um, I believe is higher than 2%. I have seen many Chinese women hide the fact they smoke. 13% of Japanese women smoke, and the overall state average is 12%.
  • 19% of Chinese are overweight, vs. 35% of Whites (no comment except I plan on starting a 30 minute walk everyday very soon).



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