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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Disabled in China

Beautiful lady that her picture takes my breath away, but sad article. Liu Yan was paralyzed in practice before the performance of a life time at the Chinese Olympics opening ceremony. And recently married, and it seems now no longer married.

Still Dancing in Her Dreams - NY Times.

The life of the disabled is improving in China, as shown by China hosting a para olympics games and passing some laws to improve on paper the life of the disabled. It helps that the former leader of China's son is disabled (during the cultural revolution), Deng Pufang has been a huge help. To show the power of the younger Deng, he was Executive President for the Chinese Olympics. The former term in China for disabled was can fei (deficient or useless).

When my Father due to his health was temporary forced to use a wheel chair, I appreciated how far the US has come in the area of access for the disabled. It is so nice the amount of ramps that are great for wheel chair access, as well as baby strollers. Going to foreign countries with a baby stroller can be a real adventure.



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