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Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting a Chinese Picture Dictionary

Chinese picture dictionaries help make learning Chinese easier for children.

Kids with picture dictionaries can become familiar with the dictionary’s content through the pictures. Chinese words can be worked on later.

Most picture dictionaries already have colored pictures. You may be interested in some Chinese word books that double as coloring books. Children are more likely to remember pictures they themselves colored.

If you are thinking of getting your child a Chinese picture dictionary, here are some reminders to maximize its use:

  1. Choose if you're getting a Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese picture dictionary for your child.
  2. Pick whether your child will like a colored dictionary, or those with pictures that can be colored.
  3. Chinese picture dictionaries have more or less the following features:

· Pictures. Check the quality of the drawings if they appeal to your child.

· English word

· Chinese character

· Pinyin equivalent

· Use the word in a sentence

  1. Let your child become familiar with the pictures.
  2. You can sit with your child and point out pictures in the dictionary and the Chinese words for these.
  3. Encourage your child to open the Chinese picture dictionary when ever the child is interested in anything in daily life. For example, your child becomes excited a bird is in the house. You can ask them to get the dictionary after the excitement has gone down and you can both look over the Chinese word for bird. You can also look at the sentence provided if the dictionary has it.

If you want to encourage your child to remember more words, Chinese flash cards can be of great help to repeat and practice Chinese words already learned.

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