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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The piano's status in U.S. living rooms is declining

The piano's status in U.S. living rooms is declining - LA Times.

Not from what I see in the Chinese community in the US. It seems all my daughter's friends are taking Piano. But, at the piano competitions, testing, etc. the majority of students at the ones we go to in the Los Angeles area seem to be either Korean or Chinese.

The change in status of the Piano could explain the headache I have had trying to sell the upright piano we have. We bought a Grand Piano, because per my daughter's teacher my daughter's skill had outgrown an upright, since the keys have a different feel to them. And of course this happened as the bottom of the piano market fell. There have been a lot of piano stores closing in the Los Angeles area. Pianos when the economy is doing well is a great business, but when the economy does not do well, down goes the sale of Pianos.



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