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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twitter Name Change

I changed names, http://twitter.com/childbook

Originally I had learn learnchinesecb to get the word Learn Chinese in there, then I thought, hmm, my name is childbook and that should be the name I am using for tweeting to avoid confusion. And for those marketing mavens, I am sure it makes more sense from a branding prospective. My companies name is not learnchinesecb, so it does not make sense to use it. Even if what I am selling is Learning Chinese Materials for kids, which was my reasoning for picking the learnchinesecb name originally.

Now, should I have gotten my business name with the word China in it, or Chinese, or Asian 11 years ago? May be, but I chose childbook and it does not make sense to change it now. Even if those offers for mega money for my domain name sound so interesting! The problem is they smell like a scam.

Apologies for the mix-up on twitter, I did not update the URL in my newsletter to the new one.

Hopefully this long explanation makes sense...





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