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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Follow Jade! Learn Chinese Lessons in Video – How lessons are presented

Follow Jade! Learn Chinese DVD- Let’s Visit Chinese Kindergarten is a very well made video for pre-schoolers to learn basic Chinese words and phrases. This video is very well made, and customers really like it.

As I have been curious why customers like the Follow Jade! videos so much, I sat down and watched the first video -- Let’s Visit Chinese Kindergarten -- again. To be honest, I enjoyed watching this video.

Lessons in the first DVD cover : Greetings, colors, numbers, drinks and some song words. Kids will also be able to see Chinese pre-schoolers in the classroom.

If you are interested in how the video delivers, here is the lesson pattern of how Jade teaches kids the Follow Jade! DVD:

1) Interesting introduction with Chinese kids or multi-racial kids.

2) Jade runs through the Chinese words. She explains or connects the words/ sounds to other familiar objects. She talks in a manner that young children will understand. Her face and voice are very soothing, I think pre-schoolers are drawn to her because of this.

3) Jade will also talk to kids in the video and ask about the words just discussed using interesting objects. I like how Jade connects with the children in the video.

4) A visual activity follows. Interesting graphics are flashed, with Jade talking in the background, asking which is which. She also tests viewers by first asking if a wrong answer is correct.

5) Segments of Chinese pre-school kids in the classroom are also shown. The kindergarten students are so cute. As expected, the candidness of both active and shy kids are charming. This segment will surely interest young viewers.

6) Songs with the children are fun and words are easier to recall.

If you want your kids to learn some basic Chinese words, Follow Jade DVD is a good choice. It is also a good video for families with soon-to-be preschool kids. Kids will be able to see how kindergarten is a place for fun learning. The video also exposes kids to other same-age children in another part of the world.

All lessons in the Follow Jade! DVD are based on teacher Jade Qian’s experience in teaching children and families to speak Chinese.

Follow Jade! Let’s Visit Chinese Kindergarten is available at childbook.com.

You may also like to check out Follow Jade 2 – Let’s go to Market.

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