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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Arts and Culture-wise, can Beijing be the Next New York?

I saw this article on the NBC News Blog, asking if Beijing can possibly be the new New York?

The writer says there are the usual social problems of unemployment, a slow down of economic activity and recently, even internet-censorship. However, looking at the arts and culture scene, it can be said that Beijing is in some kind of renaissance.

The article reviews several people's opinions of Beijing's openness to new ideas and opportunity, not only in the arts but in other industries as well, such as the food industry. One curator who lived in New York and London during the arts-inspired 70's and 80's, sees the similiarities in present Beijing and thinks for himself that "...Beijing is the new New York."

Readers of the blog post have invited an uproar of replies that vehemently disagree with comparing the 2 cities. The censorship and approval needed for art to move forward in China is the main barrier to let art express itself in the city.

How about you, what do you think? Arts-wise, can Beijing have a fair chance to be the New New York?



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