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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Protests growing in China

The number of protests in China is growing per some articles I read this morning. China no longer publishes how many protest there are. A protest against the death of a Shishou hotel worker in the province of Hubei. Seems to be the usual corruption issues as well as the killing of innocents is no longer as protected as it used to be due to Instant Messaging and the Internet. This is creating fast and widespread communication about problems that so far have not been able to be censored in enough time. The hotel is supposedly owned by the brother of the Mayor of the city, and since the riot is being reported in the Chinese press I would predict there will be a new May very soon. China's government hates publicity like this.

Per another article, Risky Business in the Streets, China is extremely concerned over rioting and has a special force of 100,000 trained for dealing with rioting, plus the army also has trained units. The fear is rioting may start going after more and more corrupt officials, and there is a huge challenge of corruption that reaches very far up in the Chinese government.



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