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Sunday, July 12, 2009

District of Choice - Why my daughter?

A few years ago, California legislators passed the District of Choice legislation which allowed children to choose which school district they attended. My daughter went straight from the Christian School she attended to Walnut School District, avoiding the district we live in. Now, because the SB 680 was not passed, my daughter may be forced to leave her high school attend another one.

Why? Because of a greedy district that just wants more money, which they can get by wrenching students back from from districts they have gone many years to. As if they were a form of cattle to be traded.

For educators that profess to put students first, their attitudes puzzle me.

It looked like a partisan vote killed it (Republicans for, Democrats against in committee). The school district is suggesting write letters to the Governor, but do you have any other suggestions? I am afraid afraid doing the same old thing is just going to have the same results.

My gut feeling is since the district that is affected is in a Republican District and mostly Asian students, there is not much that will be done.

The LA Times even had an editorial in praise of renewing the program.

Smart choice for California schools - Los Angeles Times


Students must stay within local local district - Glendale News Press
Senator Gloria Romero, author of the bill
Comments on District of Choice at the Pasadena Star News.



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