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Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting China Books in Hong Kong

Just realized, looking at the dashboard that the last entry was the eight hundred eighty eighth! Lucky number for the Chinese. Me not so lucky, wasn't able to post before midnight. :-(

Anyhoo, on too post number 889 ---

I have a friend based in China who likes to frustrate over some of the tighter rules in the Mainland. She likes coming over to Hong Kong on week-ends and I affectionately forbid her to do so and not step in to the "Chinese Sodom and Gomorrha" (NB: also affectionately nicknamed). I tease my friend she likes going to HK to be able to view Multiply and Facebook.

I am reminded of our bantering as I saw in the July 17, 2009 Wall Street Journal Online - "Banned Political Books in China Thrive in Hong Kong." Like my friend, the article points out how people drop by Hong Kong to... yes, get books! Political books and books related to the personal lives of political figures are best sellers for people from the Mainland. One bookstore owner says, visitors from the Mainland account for 70% of his buyers.

My friend just laughs off my silliness at the bibilical analogy. Biblical + China = Definitely Disconnected. I laugh too, but behind my smiling banter, I wonder how it feels to travel elsewhere to access books and the net sites that I like.

Maybe I shouldn't think about it, I might turn into a pillar of salt...


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