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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Moon Festival Coming Up!

Yes, we still have Chinese Valentines and Hungry Ghosts festival, but

Chinese Moon Festival is coming up!

The Lunar Festival/ mid-autumn festival in the Chinese lunar calendar this 2009 is on October 3.

The moon festival is an important occasion for the Chinese, next to Chinese New Year.
A lot of organizations are celebrating this event. In the past years we have seen different kinds of groups celebrate. Besides Chinese-American associations there are museums, schools, restaurants, performing groups, local governments, even parks.

To help families and kids appreciate the Chinese culture more, ChildBook encourages families to participate in Chinese festivities such as the moon festival. We continually compile the different Moon Festival events across the US states and some selected places in Canada so that you can look up the moon fest activities nearest your area.

Also, some parents are already preparing this early what to do on the Moon Fest with their kids, since it's a nice time to talk about stuff all Chinese for that night. ChildBook is now having a Learn Chinese Moon Festival Sale for those who want to buy Moon-fest related activities.

So please drop by our Weekly Sale area to see the moon-fest related stories or poems you can use with your children.

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