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Monday, August 31, 2009

New Practical Chinese Reader

ChildBook is finally carrying the New Practical Chinese Reader, a compilation of Chinese lesson books edited by Liu Xiun. They are inspired by the original De Francis Practical Chinese Reader books. Authors combined the different teaching styles and came up with this series.

So they came up with a learn Chinese textbook that:
1) teaches Chinese conversation
2) teaches structure, and still
3) teaches cultural contexts of the Chinese culture.

There are mixed reviews on the books if you google about, but generally people agree there is an improvement. I also got the impression that one of the strengths of the series is teaching the writing of Chinese characters.

What impressed me are the audio CDs that complement the textbooks (sold separately). Per textbook, there are about 4 CDs available! I like this because I know how important it is to know the sounds and tones when learning Chinese. And in today's world and technologies available, there's no excuse now to not learn the proper tones. I am also intrigued that even the workbooks have audio CDs. Somehow I feel safer learning Chinese if there are conversations to emulate.

Anyhoo, to make the lessons more interesting, the original characters in the First Practical Chinese Reader now have families. It is now their children’s turn to learn about the Chinese language and culture, and the series revolves around their stories of learning.

Hope you look over the inside pages of the New Practical Chinese Reader over at our site. Just click on each product to see a sample of the content of the books.

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