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Friday, August 21, 2009

Benefits of Learning Chinese

There are a lots of benefits of Learning Chinese, but I pretty much can summarize it into two big points for our dear customers.

It is getting to be accepted worldwide that trading with the Chinese are now hot. It seems it will stay that way for a long time too, so parents are preparing their kids for that not-so-distant future that their kid's career may be able to use the Chinese language. Therefore, one benefit of learning Chinese is that kids will somehow be able to use it in their future vocation, whether in business or in government.

Another big benefit that kids get from learning Chinese is for their personal development. Learning any language somehow yields to kids' better creativity and higher intelligence. This helps with schoolwork. Somehow, research has found that bilingual or multilingual kids do better in school than monolinguals. Specifically learning Chinese is special because the Chinese culture has been around for a considerable time and kids will be fascinated with China's thousands-year old culture. Learning Chinese will not benefit a child's intelligence, but also empathy and compassion for a culture totally benefit. Of course, being able to communicate with a family and community speaking a different language is also worth mentioning, as this helps mold a child's character as well.

Those are the 2 biggest benefits of learning Chinese, in my opinion. There are more benefits but the others can be grouped under the big 2 I've mentioned.

There is also a pdf document in our main site about the Top 10 Reasons to Learning Chinese and we hope you'll check it out.



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