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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back 2 School Night

I went to my daughter's back to school night tonight (High School), so a bit beat.

Major parent goal of the Chinese parents there was to do everything they could to help their child. One way to do that was to let the teacher know they were there, so lots of introductions. A great example of that was in my daughter's 6th period class. I waited to the parents were done introducing themselves, asking a few questions, and left and asked what I was curious about, which was how laid off teacher was doing. Teacher is a super talented music teacher, and luckily found a great position with another school. He got laid off because he moved districts to my daughter's school two years ago, so he only had two years of tenure in this school district. Even though he had been teaching for many years (very unfair, my understanding is same thing happens with salaries in California, which is why most teachers after a couple of years don't move school districts).

I still like the Middle School Math teacher who gave extra credit for doing a worksheet, so you had the parents working with their kids doing it with cell phones out asking for help in some circumstances.

We got a pass for a quiz, which made the trip worthwhile. A teacher knew my wife and I, so he said only one pass for family and and called our daughter's name, which my wife and I just laughed when that happened! I then got the lecture about keeping a "low profile" from number one daughter. Since my wife and I are different elasticities, most teachers don't immediately figure out we are together.



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