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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Online Mooncakes

ChildBook's page with the list of online stores that sell moon cakes are currently being updated.

Many people are finding it convenient to send moon cake gifts to loved ones by ordering over the internet.

However, an article in ChinaDaily also warns of the safety of mooncakes bought online. Unlike in stores where the customer can inspect the cake, one has no idea of the quality of the moon cake. It is noted that moon cakes have a short storage life. Some ingredients spoil quickly, such as the nuts and lotus paste.

I appreciate the warnings, but my 2-cents: us online retailers are very careful with our name, and our products are closely related with our brand. Even one complaint can make or break an online business. I think online food retailers also take into thoughtful consideration the time for shipping and delivery of their food products. So hopefully, these online mooncakes have been made to last a reasonable time and not harm the consumers.

As consumers, it is also better to be on-guard of food ordered online and not ingest products with questionable quality.

Please check our list of online mooncake retailers. A disclaimer though: We are not related to any of these online stores, but we are just listing it down for the convenience of ChildBook customers who are interested to order mooncakes online.

Now I'm craving for mooncake... :-)

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