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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chinese Dress and Kung Fu Pants Set for Kids this Moon Festival

Moon Festival, San Francisco

Have you ever attended a Chinese Festival in your area and let the kids wear a Chinese dress or a Kung Fu set?

This year's Moon Festival is on October 3 and for sure there will be a fun Moon Festival event near your area.

Dressing up is always fun and you and the kids can pretend to be a Chinese princess or the Monkey King as you go around the food booths and watch the programs.

Or if your family wants to go out on a night picnic on the night of October 3rd, wearing a Chinese dress or pants set is also fun (Just bring extra jackets in case the night is chilly). We have books with nice poems that everyone can read. Bring moon cake along and other munchies.

ChildBook is continuously updating the Moon Festival Calendar of Events in US states and some Canada areas so please see if there are already posted Moon Festival activities near you.

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