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Sunday, September 27, 2009

National Day Parade - 60th Anniversary

The number 6 in Chinese is lucky because in Mandarin it sounds like sleek or fluid. In other words everything is working smoothly, which is always nice for business! Of course in English the number 6 has a few issues (Book of Revelations 13:17-18).

So the 60th anniversary of the found of the PRC is a big occasion. Some pictures that show how serious the Chinese Government is taking this. There is also a report that China is using models from as far away as Singapore for their women soldiers.

Some items I am not 100% clear on, and my guesses:

The question is why is China making this such a huge deal by showing lots of new military equipment?
My guess is for internal nationalism showing how far China has advanced.

Why is Tian'anmen closes to visitors as National Day countdown begins?
To avoid possible embarassment

Why were 3 Japanese Journalists beat up for taking photos of the parade preparations?
This one I don't understand, there are so many pictures in taken with cell phones and such this does not make sense.



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