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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apple Computers & Chinese in Snow Leopard

Chinese works great in Snow Leopard! I was at an Apple Store last week and a sales person changed it to Traditional Chinese and my wife could use the track pad to write characters! It's a lot faster for her to write the characters, than type them currently.

We could have done this at home, but getting time on my daughter's Apple is challenging!

May be I should get a program that teachers her Chinese typing... I wonder what the equivalent to Mavis Beacon is learning Chinese typing?

My wife mentioned she wanted a new computer and I am leaning toward a Mac. Currently we have mostly PC's running XP and my daughter's Mac running Leopard. I like the PC because of MS Access that can do a lot of neat reports. With a new PC it would be Windows 7. I bought the Mac because I did not want to go the Vista route, MS had discontinued XP Home, and I was tired of playing IT manager at home. For work I have all PC's because of cost, but my daughter's Mac is a lot of fun to use and easy to set up. Compared to my daughter's previous PC that somehow got a nasty virus that took about a week to get rid of (it took 2 different anti virus packages to get rid of it and I spent a good 20 hours on that project).



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