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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Articles about China - separating truth from bias

I am confused... The article looks very good, about a movement in China in the Christian Science Monitor, yet there is a major piece of information left out of it. Once I found that out the article may be biased.

Why is the person writing this? Initially I though the article because the author is working on a Master's at George Washington University. For a Master's Degree at most universities you need to do new research in an area. This article appears to be based on the research the author is doing for her Master's.

But I did a quick google search because I wanted to know more about the person. The author definitely has an axe to grind on China.

In the article if this had been mentioned the author's affiliation, I would have appreciated it. Instead of finding it out by accident.

I am leaving out a few keywords because I need to focus on what my online Chinese bookstore does, which is sells Learning Chinese Materials, not politics.

Even if politics is so interesting! Disclaimer - both my parents have Masters in Political Science and I passed the Social Science Teacher's test by taking the test, where my education is in Business and Engineering.



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