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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chinese Pronunciation

My dear Daughter got a group project assigned on Friday for US History. Lesson Plan due Monday. So she had to go Friday night (so she missed Miss Saigon which we already had tickets for) because she had to go to a meeting. Then on Saturday, after driving to San Diego (2 hour drive) for a rehearsal for the So. CA Honor Choir she had another group meeting.

She had written down the directions and put in my iPhone, and not address. So she called her friend, who was most definite it was an S, not an F. Then we asked what the major street was. It sounded like Californ. I could not find this, but I knew I was close. So I finally had her friend E-Mail. Pronunciation of the street was totally wrong (no i and f should have been a B). I am guessing the parents did not know how to pronounce the street and just passed it on to there daughter. It was interesting and when I got home, my wife asked me why it too me so long to drop off my daughter!

San Diego was nice. Practice was on Point Loma and we found this really good bread shop!



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