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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Moon Festival & Adoption

Nice article in Dallas about a Girl Scout Troop of Girl's adopted from China. The troop celebrated the Moon Festival and Dragon Boat Racing!

Girls adopted from China explore Asian culture, find friendship in Daisy troop
- Dallas News. And per the comments there are two other girl scout troops like this, one in Florida and the other in Indiana.

My daughter was #2 in her troop for sales, after she got credit for selling a couple of hundred dollars worth of cookies (my Mother was a former Girl Scout and took it to her work, and we also had a table out at the Monrovia Rock Hound Show).

A challenge with ethnic Chinese in the US and Girl Scouts per a friend of mine (Taiwanese and in my MBA program) who did a lot of outreach to the Chinese community was the emphasis on academics in the Chinese Culture. Per her, girl scouts was a hard sell to Chinese parents. Personally, I see a huge amount of value in the Girl Scouts, especially in the leadership area.

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