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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Universities Turn to Consultants to Trim Budgets

With the decline in education funding, and the continued increase in college costs I can understand Universities Turn to Consultants to Trim Budgets - NY Times. My undergraduate college is a very good school for Engineering (Cal Poly, Pomona). But, due to budget cuts they are asking questions such as do they need a department of philosophy and graduate history. The school due to budget reasons canceled summer school.

The good of hiring a consultant is it gives an outside, supposedly unbiased, expert person, who can lay out hard decisions. And good consulting companies build their knowledge base, so they are constantly improving what they do. And with the current crises in funding, there is definitely a perceived need that is shared by all involved that something needs to change. Having this agreement is key for effectively making changes. After Graduate School was very interested in going into Consulting. A good book is 'The Witch Doctors: Making Sense of the Management Gurus and Dangerous Company: The Consulting Powerhouses and the Businesses They Save and Ruin

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