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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

School Challenges

My daughter has perfect attendance and recently attended the Southern California Honor Choir that required a practice on Friday. She had to be recommended by her teacher for this and went through a try out for it. Per her school district this is an absence per the Education Code. My question to them is per what specific part of the education code?

My thought is since:
  1. She was recommended by her teacher
  2. The practice was at a public school (Santa Monica High School)
  3. There were certified teachers in charge who took attendance

This should count as a school activity. My wife is talking to the district person, but it's frustrating. I am not going into a lot of detail to avoid problems such as this blogger had.

History so far.
1. Referred to district.
2. District person said per education code and gave a general section and if you need to change that you need to go to the state board of education (ie brushoff).
3. I read the code and my wife then asks the district person which sub section and just reply to her E-Mail. For some reason the administration person is not very happy about putting this in writing :-)



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