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Friday, January 22, 2010

Google, China, and the US

In follow up to the hacking of Google by Chinese hackers, the US government has taken up the issue of Internet Freedom and in a speech, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton specifically named China.

The Chinese complained about the speech.

I found the Chinese arguments interesting, but weak:
  • The Chinese Internet is open
  • The American demand for an unfettered Internet was a form of information imperialism
  • The U.S. campaign for uncensored and free flow of information on an unrestricted Internet is a disguised attempt to impose its values on other cultures in the name of democracy,
  • the United States employs the Internet as a weapon to achieve worldwide hegemony

Note the use of the word "imperialism"

The question is what will happen now:

  • Will US Chinese relations be hurt?
  • Will this start a trade war?
  • Is Google going to leave China?
  • Will Chinese citizens get upset about the censoring of the Internet?




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