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Sunday, February 14, 2010

China's Me First Attitude

The danger behind China's 'me first' worldview - Washington Post.

Good article. This is a very good paragraph:

Unlike the isolationist America First movement of the 1930s, China First does not mean global disengagement. It does mean engagement on China's terms. China accepts and supports the existing order when that serves its needs, as when it joined the World Trade Organization in 2001. Otherwise, it plays by its own rules and norms.

I was just helping my daughter with US history from WWI through the 30's that have shown the isolationism that has been such a part of American history (basically the US wanted to be left alone until WWII showed this was not possible). China on as noted in the article needs to generate massive amounts of jobs. If China does not, there will be a change of government. Basically the bargain of the Chinese government with the people, an updated mandate of heaven, is continue to make our economy and China strong. Economy translates as more exports to generate more jobs in China along with the raw materials needed to produce the goods. China Strong translates as putting China's interests first and being strong with other countries diplomatically.

Chinese public opinion through the Internet has a strong impact and keeps China's government with a me first attitude. As the school system indoctrinates a strong sense of China's historically being taken advantage of by other countries (Opium War, Japanese invasion of China, carving up of China by foreign countries, sack of Beijing etc.). The increased US dependence on China for financing the US deficit has increased the perceived power within the Chinese government itself.

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