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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Movie is Out

The Alice movie is finally out! I have been waiting for a year for this, really, especially when I heard Tim Burton's doing it. It's a befitting addition to Burton's lifetime work.

I don't know how children will take to Tim Burton's interpretation of this wildly imaginative story, or how parents will think about it for their kids' sake. But I for one believe this is a fantastic story that should be read or listened to or watched by each little girl or boy.

Or, if you're a Tim Burton fan and plan on taking your child to see it, why not read the Alice in Wonderland story first so they can also practice comparing and contrasting the movie with the book. Yeah, brain bubble gum for the kids too.

But of course, when we start on the compare-contrast discussion thing, let's just use daily conversation dialogue, instead of "let's compare and contrast the movie and the book" because your child might jump into the next rabbit hole and hide. :-)

PS. Yes, we have Alice in Wonderland in Mandarin . It also happens to be on sale this week.

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