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Monday, July 12, 2010

Quality Counts - Bilingual Education

For Learning Chinese there are so many ways you can enrich your child's environment with Chinese. From singing along with them with songs in Chinese and English. To putting a Chinese CD in the car on your way to school. To reading them stories in Chinese. To using the touch pen for having the books read electronically in Chinese. Or even watching a DVD in Chinese.

Parents can have a huge impact on their children through the interaction. One of the reasons I am such a proponent of reading to young kids is because of the exposure it gives them. To vocabulary as well as concepts. I read to my daughter long before she could read (my wife thought I was crazy). My daughter turned out great. The only negative may be she reads too much :-) And now she's borrowing my books - which shows great taste, but I am working on the correct re-shelving part.

An area that frustrates me with bilingual education is so often it's just not done well. The majority of how California schools, pre 187 did Bilingual Education it was an example of badly done bilingual education. This quote from the story I find sad - In truth, English learners and most poor children fail because they are not taught English well.

Quality counts - LA Times

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