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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to School Learning Chinese Lesson Plans

It's not only the kids who are psyching themselves up to back to school, the teachers and homeschooling parents are preparing too.

If you're a teacher or parent and wondering on what extra activities you can provide in the classroom, or activities to prime up your child for school here are some lesson suggestions, taken from our ChildBook Resources to Teach Chinese
Read the book together and compare Yeh-Shen with the mainstream European Cinderella.
Lessons that may be used to discuss poetry in :"A Thousand Peaks
Moon Festival is on Sept. 22, this would be a timely lesson children can enjoy
Discussing the current state of pollution in China, it's effect on the local population, what the Chinese Government is doing about it, and comparing it to pollution in the United States and what the current trends are.

If you need more,  you can head over to our ChildBook Free Lesson Plans section for Teachers and pick what you think suits the child.)


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