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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

China Traffic Jam could Last Weeks

60 miles long with speeds often at 1/3rd mile per hour. Some drivers were trapped for 5 days in the jam. Its in day 11. The traffic jam is on the 110 Expressway that runs from Huaian in Hebei province, northwest of Beijing, to Jining in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (coal mining area).

Multiple causes for the traffic jam:

1. All roads lead to Beijing.
2. Increase in cars has out paced the roads. 2000 new cars per day in Beijing.
3. Road Construction
4. Illegal coal trucks use this route due to no checkpoints.
5. Increase in illegal coal trucks from the North due to illegal coal mines in the south being closed.
6. Illegal overloading of trucks increases wear on road
7. The amount of vehicles that can enter Beijing proper is limited, especially at night.


China traffic jam enters Day 11. A tale of deceit and criminality? - Christian Science Monitor
China Traffic Jam Could Last Weeks - WSJ
Gridlock is a way of life for Chinese - Guardian

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