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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chinese SAT II Test Format Quick Guide

There are total of 85 questions for the Chinese SAT II test and you have one hour to finish the entire test.

The test is divided to 3 sections
  • listening comprehension (30 question) with 20 minutes allotted time to finish the section
  • grammar (25 questions) with 40 minutes allotted time to finish the section
  • reading comprehension (30 questions) with 40 minutes allotted time to finish the section
All test questions are in multiple choice format. Keep in mind that you're given a negative point in every wrong answer you choose.

Lastly, you are allowed to bring your own CD player and earphones for the listening test. This way you're more comfortable and it would be easier to adjust the volume. Make sure that your CD player's batteries are fresh and working because once inside the testing room, you're not allowed to go out. Come prepared during your testing day armed with a solid knowledge from Chinese SAT II reviewers and online Chinese SAT II practice tests.



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