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Friday, September 17, 2010

Discovering Chinese vs. Chinese Made Easy

Which one Learning Chinese Textbook is best for teenagers?

Discovering Chinese or Chinese Made Easy?

Discovering Chinese has four levels of textbooks, workbooks, teacher editions, cd roms, cd, assessments, and worksheets available. And it's all integrated. And yes, there is more. The Teacher Editions are available in English, Simplified, and Traditional. And the quality is A+.

If you have the budget, I would go with Discovering Chinese.

Chinese Made Easy is a great product, but it does not have all the support material that Discovering Chinese does. Its very popular with schools and I recommend it when you have a native Chinese speaker as a teacher. It has a textbook, workbook and a Teacher's Edition that is more of an answer key. For the price it's a great value.

Of course, the best way is look at the sample pages for Chinese Made Easy and Discovering Chinese and see which one best fits your Teaching Style.

For a down to earth teaching style for Chinese for a native speaker, I would go with Practical Chinese. It's by a Mom who wrote it to teacher her kids. I wish I had known about this one when my daughter was younger!

For Teenagers and with a native speaker, Kuaile Hanyu (Happy Chinese) is very popular. Its especially designed for teaching Teenagers (who can be a handful to teach - many teachers either love or hate teaching them).

For those learning Bo Po Mo, Champion Chinese is a great product.

Bottom line on which one is best, it depends.



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