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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monkey King

Monkey King is a Chinese "superhero" long before the likes of Superman and Batman surfaced our imaginations.  Monkey is a character from the tale Journey to the West.  In this classic Chinese story, Monkey accompanies the Tang Monk and Pigsy to fetch the Buddhist Sutras from India (or the West, from where they're at).

Monkey is quite a mythical creature.  It was born from a stone surrounded by Chaos.  Monkey can fly, leaps tall mountains in a single bound, transform into 72 creatures except for people (it can't transform out its tail), has superb fighting skills, knows his spells very well, can command natural elements and freeze creatures.

Yep, Monkey can stand among the characters of the TV show Hero.  Xylar of the Hero show would have a field day grabbing all its powers.

Interestingly, Monkey is no saint, but it's not a bad guy either.  It can be naughty and stubborn but caring as well (he watches out for the welfare of the Monkey folk too, even if Monkey can get quite naughty or irksome to other creatures.)

If you are interested to read more on Monkey King, we have a Monkey King Weekly Sale.because Monkey King Festival is on Sept.22.  We have a lot of amusing Monkey King tales on discounted books and videos.  Special prices are on only for this week so don't miss out, drop by today.



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