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Monday, September 6, 2010

Top 5 Reasons to Join a Chinese-speaking Playgroup


Playgroups that meet together to expose kids to Chinese are fun. Playgroup meetings build not only the kids' Chinese skills but also social interaction.  In playgroup sessions, kids sing, hear stories, have planned activities in Chinese.   Plus they talk a lot when they play and have simple snacks together so you can be assured your child will understand and get used to speaking Chinese in no time.

Ask around in your area or look through community announcements to see if there are Chinese-speaking playgroups.

Top 5 Reasons to join a Chinese-speaking Playgroup:

1. Playgroups are free/ inexpensive. Parents join up to organize the session so costs are minimal.

2. Playgroup sessions are real-life situations that can practice your child to think, speak, read, write Chinese on your child's feet.

3. Exposure to more common, vernacular Chinese not usually taught in formal classes. Tutorials and schools are all good, but conversations learned there are very formal. When kids learn "You rock!" or learning pet commands in Chinese, they will find it very interesting and motivating.

4. Flexible. Since parents organize these play sessions, time and venue for meet-up can be according to what is suitable for all.

5. Playgroups are also for parents. Here there is an entire group of adults that understand your excitement, doubts and frustrations in having your child learn Chinese. You can ask questions, recommendations and even ask for help from adults that have gone through the intricacies of kids learning another leanguage. You are definitely not alone with play groups.

Interested in participating in a Chinese play group? Ask around your area today or search online. If there are none, why not start your own play group?

Stay tuned for "No Chinese-speaking Playgroup Near You? Start one in your Area." in our next entries (maybe not immediately tomorrow but coming up very soon.)

If you have experiences in your area with a Chinese-speaking play group, please do share your experiences, maybe even pictures and we'll post it here.

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